Tyler’s vocal range is well-equipped for upbeat commercials, brand manifestos, and quirky character reads to connect your project to today’s youthful audience.

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With his fun, quick-witted, “guy next door” energy, Tyler delivers voiceovers for clients around the world, including being a part of FreshCo’s 2020 “FreshCo 2.0” campaign that won a Canadian Marketing Award.

He’s also spent more time than the average person in an 8 foot tall shrimp suit.

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Available for Source Connect, Zoom, Google Meets, Skype or Phone Patch live record sessions.

How much voice can a Hyrchuk voice? Find out!


Let’s make beautiful voices together!

tyler@tylerhyrchuk.ca (preferred)

+1 416-839-0983 (Signal, WhatsApp or Call/Text)

Looking to do some good? Visit Tyler’s Tree Nation page and plant a tree today!

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Heck, since you’ve read all the way down here, I’ll leave you a joke.

What did the Tickle Me Elmo get before it left the factory?

Two test-tickles.

Thank you.

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