Voice Acting/Voiceover

With a background in radio broadcasting, Tyler has been connected to the industry for the better part of a decade. A semifinalist in the 2020 “Ultimate VO Survivor” competition, Tyler spends a lot of time in the booth training and honing his craft. Below are a number of instructors and industry professionals he’s had the privilege of training with.

Commercial VO Workshop
Kim Hurdon Casting – Caroly Larson
Deb Munroe
Damon Papadopoulos

Intro to Motion Capture
Mocap Vaults – Pascal Langdale

Video Game VO Workshop
Ellen Dubin
Marc Graue

Audition VO Workshops
Jessie Thomson
Debra Toffen
Nathalie Toriel
Michael Walters
Sherry Dayton
Zach Anderson
Lau Lapides

Vocal Combat Workshop  D’Arcy Smith & Kim Hurdon

Animation VO Workshops
Kim Hurdon Casting – Krystal Meadows
Voiceover Network – Lori Alan
Elley Ray Hennessey
Melissa Altro
Bryn McAuley
Taylor Abrahams
David Stinson AiVA – Julie Maddalena

Promo VO Workshop
Trailer Voice Artists – Zach Valdivia


Tyler is a trained improviser and is no stranger to a short or longform set. In 2019, his troupe Uncooked Hot Dogs won the annual “Fever Pitch” Improv Contest hosted by Bad Dog Comedy Theatre. While ‘learning by performing’ is always great, Tyler has also trained in improv as well as stand up throughout the years. Courses taken include:

Acting for Improv 
Kirsten Rasmussen

Scene Diagnostics
Nicole Passmore

Scene Diagnostics Adv.
Etan Muskat

Longform Basics |
Bad Dog – Nicole Passmore

Longform Advanced |
Nicole Passmore

Harold Basics |
Jess Bryson

Improv Foundation Level 2 |
Anders Yates

Improv Foundation Level 3 |
Vance Gillis

Stand Up Tier 1 |
Ryan Dillon


Prior to breaking into the voice acting/voiceover industry full time, Tyler worked as a copywriter for G98.7 FM in Toronto, Ontario and KIX FM and YL Country in Peace River Alberta. During his time as a copywriter, he also snuck into the booth to voice a number of commercials, and in Peace River hosted an on air music show called Tyler’s Ten Plus.


In 2013, Tyler graduated from the Humber School of Media Studies and Information Technology in Toronto, Canada with a Radio Broadcasting Diploma. During his 2 years in the program, he was awarded both the Sirius Satellite Radio Scholarship and the CINA Radio Award for Diversity in Audio Media.

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