Tyler Hyrchuk (Non Union)


Canadian Automobile Association | Spring 2021 / Radio

Rise of Kingdoms / Internet x 9

Project Thor / Case Study

EPB / Radio

New Hampshire Lottery / Radio

Detectives United: Phantoms of the Past | The Mayor / Video Game

Coastal Mississippi / Radio

TAGGED / Audio Drama

Rick Blangiardi Political Ad / Internet

DirecTV / Internal Training

Alpine Ski Club / Narration

Esther Kiaʻāina Political Ad / Internet

Protein Industries Canada / Internet

Rona4Real / Radio

Thales (FIS) / Internet

Spotify / Internet

Canadian Automobile Association / Internet

FreshCo / Radio Campaign + Case Study

Mill St. Organic / Internet

Tarzan VR | Pongo / Video Game

One Gas / Internet

Baker Tilly Insurance / Internet

Conestoga College / Internet

Microsoft Business 365 / Internet

Fed Ex / Internet & In-store Kiosks

Eegee’s / Radio

Scotiabank / Internet

Playboy / Internet

Morehead Planetarium / Museum video

California Chamber of Commerce / Internal

Thrive (GlaxoSmithKline) / Internet

Air Hogs Flight Rider (Spinmaster) / Internet

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer (Spinmaster)/ TV and Internet

CAA “Sounds of” (x6) / Radio

Rivet / Internet

Buzzbee Toys / Internet

Wella Professionals / Internal

CBS Finance Competition / Internet

St. Damian / Boat Tour

Ernest Packaging / Internet

Totem Learning / e-Learning

Avaltos / Webinar

Casterstats / Internet

39 HP Lovecraft Short Stories / Audiobook

CNIB (Narrator/Technician) / Audiobook


Improv Foundation Level 3 / Instructor: Vance Gillis Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Acting for Improv / Instructor: Kirsten Rasmussen Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Longform Basics / Instructor: Nicole Passmore Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Harold Basics / Instructor: Jess Bryson Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Winning Team “FEVER PITCH” Improv Competition Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Scene Diagnostics / Instructor: Nicole Passmore Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

Scene Diagnostics Advanced / Instructor: Etan Muskat Bad Dog Comedy Theatre


Commercial VO Workshops

Caroly Larson / Kim Hurdon Casting

Damon Papadopoulos

Animation VO Workshops

Bryn McAuley and Michael Walters

Lori Alan

Krystal Meadows / Kim Hurdon Casting

Ron Rubin

Melissa Altro / Voice Pro Studio

David Stinson

Elley Ray Hennesy

Audition VO Workshops

Jessie Thomson

Debra Toffen

Audiobook Workshop / Marcia Johnson

Video Game Workshop / Ellen Dubin

Voice Work from Home Workshop / Marilla Wex

Intro to Motion Capture / Pascal Langdale (The Mocap Vaults)

Private VO Coaching

Ron Rubin

Krystal Meadows

Taylor Abrahams


Zombies 2 (Disney) / Shrimpy the Shrimp

IF (Skin and Bones Film Company) / IF

EGLX Gaming Expo / Mr. Destructoid


Humber School of Media Studies and Information Technology, Radio Broadcasting Diploma


Let’s make beautiful voices together!

(416) 839 0983

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