Are you a voice actor looking for a supportive community of fellow voice actors?

No? Oh… okay. Then this isn’t for you, sorry!

If you ARE, check out LTM on Discord!

We hold FREE Voiceover Workouts (VOWO) weeknights Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8 PM – 10 PM EST as well as drop in improv/table read/themed Friday night events! To get on the waitlist for the VOWOs, please sign up at

We also run free workshops and webinars for Discord community members and host other industry professionals to teach and coach community members in paid workshops. Some of the industry pros we’ve had include Elley Ray Hennessy, D’Arcy Smith, Bryn McAuley, Lau Lapides and Krystal Meadows. And occasionally we act out regurgitating a pancake (see Tony in the Zoom picture).

Ultimately, LTM is a safe and supportive community to learn from others, get feedback, grow professionally and personally and make friends from all over the world!

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