An evil snowman? A gallant knight? A talking gorilla? No, those aren’t the archetypes of guys on dating apps these days, that’s just a peek into the many characters Tyler has brought to life!

Video Game Demo
Animation Demo

Sir LucanKing Arthur: Knight’s Tale
Hans TrappChristmas Stories: Yulemen’s Curse
Ki JianJewels of Rome
FillmoreNobody Needs And of This

Sewage PipeOne Gas
PongoTarzan VR
Evil Halloween SpiritHalloween Stories
AlfredAlfred and the Shadow
MarcusLabyrinths of the World 14: The Game of Minds
RaphaelImmortal Diaries
AntonUntitled VG
The MayorDetectives United: Phantoms of the Past
MandragoraUntitled VG
EthanHalloween Stories

High quality, fast delivery, good communication. Keep it up!

Elephant Games

Professional work, thank you, Tyler!

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